Jubilante :
Joys of Intercession

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Love, Sex & Success Paperback ISBN 1-889448-42-7
Love, Sex and Success looks at the power of true intimacy and reveals its true expression. It looks at what is created by these passionate forces. It intentionally examines the role that each plays while forming bonds of creativity, mutuality, innovation and productivity. As God-given gifts these attributes are looked at as stimuli for success. This work refutes the hard-nosed attitude of chauvinism within society by revealing God's mercy and compassion for mankind. It calls upon us to show love and compassion to each other as we strive in a prosperous journey with good success.

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Jubilante : Joys Of Intercession Paperback ISBN: 1-889448-12-5
All leaderships need vision, which are sight, foresight, hindsight and keen insight into these areas to make appropriate and crucial decisions. They are required by God to take us beyond our fears and they have to cross the same rationale divide of fears which prevents us from entering into the place of trusting God, as they lead us without deceit and manipulation. God gives men the leaders that they need, not what they desire. It is said, that ‘good leaders take people to where they want to go but great leaders take them to where they need to go’. It was in this crucible of pain and humiliation that the Spirit of grace and supplication impregnate men with the burden to give birth to a nation anointed with the spirit of liberty and freedom.

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Jada Colins : Driven Paperback ISBN: 1-58385-017-1
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The Divine Harvest of 21st Century Successful Women Paperback ISBN: 1-889448-28-1
The work takes a deep and inspiring look at the woman's success story and provokes us to see God’s divine hand in the midst of our uplifting in every and various stations in life. It is a history of success filled with struggles, pains, tribulations, courage, wisdom, joys, happiness and victories. It is rich with the history of lasting faithfulness, undying love and sincere loyalty. The harvest promotion of the faithful soul is intertwined with the relationship role of love and sex in wisdom’s daily transactions in our lives and at the marketplace. Packed with the issues of discipline of our moral compass and ends with reformer’s prophetic advocacy to win the heart of humanity and in wisdom turn a generation to God. It provides us with clear and irrefutable evidence that God is the success force behind the emergence of women into key and primary roles in society today.  It also points to balance in the midst of this phenomenon of successful and prosperous women today. It is a comparative work in the continued male and female relationship, its affect on society, the family, the Church and the home. This book is goes far beyond “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus”.

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