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The Divine Harvest of 21st Century Successful Women
Current Affairs/Women's Issues/Inspirational/History

The work takes a deep and inspiring look at the woman's success story and provokes us to see God’s divine hand in the midst of our uplifting in every and various stations in life. It is a history of success filled with struggles, pains, tribulations, courage, wisdom, joys, happiness and victories. It is rich with the history of lasting faithfulness, undying love and sincere loyalty. The harvest promotion of the faithful soul is intertwined with the relationship role of love and sex in wisdom’s daily transactions in our lives and at the marketplace. Packed with the issues of discipline of our moral compass and ends with reformer’s prophetic advocacy to win the heart of humanity and in wisdom turn a generation to God. It provides us with clear and irrefutable evidence that God is the success force behind the emergence of women into key and primary roles in society today. It also points to balance in the midst of this phenomenon of successful and prosperous women today. It is a comparative work in the continued male and female relationship, its affect on society, the family, the Church and the home. This book is goes far beyond “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus”.

It is no mystery to all generations that throughout our history women have paid an unsearchable, incalculable and untraceable sacrificial price in humility and honor for the furtherance of our humanity. Consider it this way, “without mothers, grandmothers, aunts, nieces and sisters” there would be no carrying forward of the seed of man through conception and the birth of the future generations (no thanks to test tube babies and genetic cloning). “Between the years of nineteen seventy and the nineteen eighties (1970’s and 1980’s), God divinely harvested faithful women and raised their status in society.

Therefore, while this work contains many variants of violence along with the theme of harvest, the intent of which is to reconnect the reader with the popular understanding between the harvest violence, to reveal these forces as true concepts of joy and happiness that we should engage in our livelihood and at the same time reverse the mentality that the variables of divine violence should be avoided. After all, Jesus says, "Since the Days of John the Baptist, the Kingdom of God suffers violence, and violent men-male or female (determined persons) takes the Kingdom by force". Therefore, we must be re-acquainted with the relevance of violence from a godly perspective and as a necessary tool in the progresses of life albeit in the areas of love, liberty, prosperity and success.

Love, Sex and Success looks at the power of true intimacy and reveals its true expression. It looks at what is created by these passionate forces. It intentionally examines the role that each plays while forming bonds of creativity, mutuality, innovation and productivity. As God-given gifts these attributes are looked at as stimuli for success. This work refutes the hard-nosed attitude of chauvinism within society by revealing God's mercy and compassion for mankind. It calls upon us to show love and compassion to each other as we strive in a prosperous journey with good success.

Love & Sex in the MarketPlace looks at the influences that love, sex and sexuality plays within the scope of our existence and lifestyle. In today’s generation we find ourselves wrestling with a preponderance of moral issues; more specifically, moral issues of a sexual nature. These issues are so complex that society is hard pressed to find ready answers for the many questions they raise.

The effect of sex and sexuality as a driving force for our ambitions and pursuits may be due, in part, to what Western culture has made of human sexuality. We needn’t look far to uncover blatant expressions of human sexuality in our consumer driven world.

Sex has become the primary marketing device for a wide range of consumer goods ranging from automobiles to household products. Sexuality is abundantly on display in both private and public settings. Our music is sexual. Our dress is sexual. Even non-sexual things such as food may be referred to as “sexy”.” Sexy” is the image both saint and sinner strive to foster. And universally, men dread the diminishment of their sexual prowess almost as much as they dread an encounter with the Grim Reaper himself.

Therefore, the book looks at the roles that sex, politics, power, government play together and their relational aspects within our society. It examines this universal relationship as wisdom’s daily address in the marketplace.

Kings of the Seasons is all about the beauty of discipline. Discipline is known to sharpen pleasure as life is found in death. In the end, discipline as a king of the seasons help us grow to know the seasons as to when we are to go to war in the battles of life. It points out that having understanding in the times and the seasons will help us to discipline ourselves to the spirit of God’s vision. When we are discipline to the spirit of God’s vision then we will grow to know what the nation (Church) aught to be doing at a specific time. This book proves that the highest point of discipline is learning to wait, that is, to wait on God.

This book is also about a series of relationships, better understood as divine relationships and when they are applied in our world will produce peace and harmony and when violated they lead to rebellion, chaos and disorder. It is these spiritual relationships that Lucifer violated and got thrown out of Heaven by Michael and His arch-angels. These relationships when understood help us to develop a keen and deep sense of understanding in dreams and visions as a way that God speaks to men. In the end it reveals that disciplined men and women who had endured the growling test of hardship by God develop thick spiritual overcoats of toughness through humility to handle dire situations while knowing quiet well that “tough times do not last but tough people do”.

Throughout our humanity there is no more cherished organism than the home. The home is a man’s castle and without questions a woman’s domain. It is where all domestic affairs are settled and foreign policies are launched, as it is written “Drink waters out of your own cistern and running waters out of your own well. Let your fountains be dispersed aboard, and rivers of waters in the streets. Let them be only yours, and not strangers with you. Let your fountain be blessed: and rejoice with the wife of your youth”. It is explosive with life giving potential and implosive with the violence of destruction. The propagation and the population of the home is predicated on a simple notion of one simple command “Honor”. Domestic affairs, the family or the home must be responsible because they will be held accountable, and must show resolute firmness with will power in decision-making to off shoot the pressure of cowardice, cowering fear, constant terror and oppression.

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