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Prophet Michael-Liberte O. Lattiboudeaire is the founding pastor of The Great House Ministries International, Inc., located in Miramar, Florida. Michael is a uniquely gifted man of God who flows under a powerful tri-fold anointing as Prophet, Teacher and Preacher. The Prophet’s genuine love for God and God’s people is exemplified through his compassionate style of ministry. He is truly a man after God’s own heart.

Prophet Lattiboudeaire has studied to show himself approved. He studied Arts & Science at the University of Toronto and Mechanical Engineering at Ryerson University. He also studied Securities Exchange at the Canadian Securities Institute at Canadore College and Business Administration at Seneca College.


The work takes a deep and inspiring look at the woman’s success story and provokes us to see God’s divine hand in the midst of our uplifting in every and various stations in life. It is a history of success filled with struggles, pains, tribulations, courage, wisdom, joys, happiness and victories. It is rich with the history of lasting faithfulness, undying love and sincere loyalty. The harvest promotion of the faithful soul is intertwined with the relationship role of love and sex in wisdom’s daily transactions in our lives and at the marketplace. Packed with the issues of discipline of our moral compass and ends with reformer’s prophetic advocacy to win the heart of humanity and in wisdom turn a generation to God. It provides us with clear and irrefutable evidence that God is the success force behind the emergence of women into key and primary roles in society today. It also points to balance in the midst of this phenomenon of successful and prosperous women today. It is a comparative work in the continued male and female relationship, its affect on society, the family, the Church and the home. This book is goes far beyond “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus”.

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Brethren, you have heard of God’s word through me and believe that God will take me far and wide, even away from mine own people to other brothers in Christ. However, through Satan’s deceit, he has fought against this known will using unscrupulous persons to prevent the establishment of a strong administration. He had fought against me in giving to others, their work in Christ. Therefore, I duly need your prayerful financial support for this administration’s ministries and its offices







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Scandoulous Things Jesus did in his Ministry


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